Nutrilux Intercosmo

Nutrilux Intercosmo is a new kind of color containing natural oils. Its high performance formula is intended for all women who want natural results and gentle ingredients that are good for the hair without giving up the performance of color coverage, deep sophisticated highlights and high

coverage without ammonia.

Nutrilux Intercosmo is an emulsion of natural oils rich in fatty acids and antioxidants with an effective cosmetic, moisturizing, conditioning and anti-age effect on the hair.
Its formula is improved by the virtues of the oils it contains.


The presence of quality oils such as Macadamia Oil, Cyperus Oil and Rosehip Oil, conditioners of natural origin and Bisabolol give the formula soothing, nourishing and brightening properties to guarantee EXCELLENT COSMETIC RESULTS.

Nutrilux Intercosmo offers the luxury of numerous benefits:

. Up to 100% coverage*

. 0% ammonia
· Full, deep, sophisticated highlights
· Light, moisturized, radiant hair